Saturday, October 16, 2010

Marble Memory Published on the Android Market

This morning I released my first app on the Android Market, Marble Memory. This project started when I was just dorking around with some accelerometer sample code. Before I knew it I was adding basic collision detection and state logic. I am really not expecting too much from this as it is the first "game" I have ever written on any platform, but I wanted to prove to myself that I could stick through a personal project to the end. :)

The premise is pretty easy to pick up. A number of blocks are displayed in random locations, and it is your job to crash into them chronologically. Once you touch the screen to begin the numbers disappear, so it is up to you to study and remember the order.

All of the sources I read indicate that seven is the magic capacity for the average human short-term memory, with nine being on the high end. Once you hit level ten a help block will appear that displays the block order for a short amount of time. You do have to pay a penalty for using it though. An extra block will be added (unless you have not hit one) and the block order will be reshuffled.

I have some ideas for additional game modes, so if I get a couple of users that enjoy the app I will spend some time working on them.

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