Monday, September 26, 2011

Calling GamesRadar - Are you listening?

I use the GamesRadar API as part of the engine behind my Video Game Scanner app. While it has been a very reliable component, I have began to notice a couple of things that worry me a bit. The first is that no new platforms have been added to the API. Most recently, I have been unable to add support for the Nintendo 3DS. With the PS Vita coming soon and inevitably next-gen home consoles on the horizon, this could become a really big issue. Second, some of the links returned are stale. For my use case, this means that cover art and article thumbnails are not working.

While I understand that the API is free to use, it is a great tool that I would hate to see fade into oblivion. Surely they make some money off the ads when an application using the API redirects a user to the website, so there should be some vested interest in keeping things working. I have tried to reach out for answers through the user forums and e-mail but have not had any luck.

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